Special Consultant Clinics


We provide the following services at the special consultants clinics

Gynaecology Clinic

The focus of this clinic is on the reproductive health of both men and women. Preventive and curative treatments are available for those who have been referred. This clinic's skilled gynecologist also handles concerns related to menopause and fertility here.

Pediatric Clinic

Our facility is devoted to giving the absolute best in contemporary treatment to children of all ages. Our hospital is filled with world-class pediatric health care specialists with state-of-the-art technology at their disposal to guarantee your kid receives the best and most inexpensive treatment.

Dermatology Clinic

Eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis are just some of the conditions we treat at our dermatology clinic, specializes in treating skin conditions.


There are various ear, nose, and throat problems treated at the clinic.


Everyone who comes to us for eye care will benefit from the services provided by this expertise. The facility's ophthalmologists and equipment are among the best in the country. Additionally, we offer comprehensive retinal treatment for our diabetic and hypertensive patients.

General Surgery Clinic

This clinic manages patients who need surgery and follow-up care from their surgeons before and after the procedure is completed.

Diabetic Clinic

Personalized Health promotion and curative treatments are done by our nursing professionals and allied health professionals.

General Medicine Clinic

Here, our primary care doctors treat a variety of common ailments and follow up for chronic illnesses and discharged patients admitted to our inpatient unit.